Saudi win inspires Morocco fans

Morocco hopes to draw inspiration from Saudi Arabia who are facing Croatia in Group F.

Travelling fans in Doha say the Saudi win against Argentina gives them hope.

“Who knew?” says Zubair Ilal, who is a Moroccan fan.

When I ask him how far Morocco will go in the World Cup, he clasps his hands and says: “Please God, let it be the quarter-finals.”

Another fan, Ben Salem, who lives in France and works as a manager for an e-scooters company in Paris, said it would be crucial for Morocco to win the first game.

“Hopefully we’ll be like Saudi Arabia and have an attacking and aggressive mindset,” he says.

Ahead of the tournament Morocco had won its last five games scoring 25 goals to qualify.

“It’s a very difficult group with Canada and Belgium in it, we need to have a winning start,” he says.

Salem, who has taken two weeks off work, is hoping to be requesting another leave, if Morocco gets to the final. “We’ll see,” he says.

In the 1986, Morocco surprised everyone by topping their group ahead of England, Poland and Portugal.

It will be Africa’s third team to play in the World Cup group stage. Senegal lost its first game against the Netherlands while Tunisia earned a point against Denmark.

BBC Africa

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