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South Africa faces massive prepaid electricity problem

A problem affecting every STS-compliant prepaid electricity meter in the world will stop them all from vending electricity on 24 November 2024, unless they are updated.This is because of how…

Metering:Corruption, weak regulation keep 8 million Nigerians under arbitrary billing

Alleged high-level corruption, weak regulation, and the inability of the National Assembly to criminalise arbitrary billing of electricity consumers may continue to widen the metering gap in the country, as distribution…

Silicon Valley Bank: HSBC £1 deal to buy collapsed bank to boost profit

Banking giant HSBC says its profits got a $1.5bn (£1.2bn) boost from the purchase of collapsed Silicon Valley Bank's British business (SVB UK). Europe's biggest bank posted a pre-tax profit…

Tinder owner to quit Russia more than a year after invasion began

The owner of the dating apps Tinder and Hinge has announced it will stop operating in Russia, more than a year after the war in Ukraine broke out. Match Group…


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